Historical Society of Palm Beach County

The Society Brings History to Life.

The Historical Society of Palm Beach County is a non-profit organization whose mission is to collect, preserve, and share the history of Palm Beach County. The Society maintains a large library on the history of Palm Beach County, Florida, and the Caribbean. Through its archives, which includes nearly two million photographic images, maps, newspapers, journals, periodicals, architectural drawings, and research files, the Society maintains an active research facility and documents the people and events that have shaped Palm Beach County. In addition, the multiple education programs and initiatives of the Historical Society in schools and communities are of primary importance to our vision of building an understanding and appreciation of local history in our children.

After the Historical Society was formed in 1937, West Palm Beach attorney A. Stanley Bussey donated a vintage black-and-white photograph of an island street scene to the newly established Society, the first gift to what would become a remarkable collection of artifacts and documents representing the cultures and communities, failures and successes of life in Palm Beach County.

The creation of the Richard and Pat Johnson Palm Beach County History Museum in 2008 finally allowed the collection to fully serve its critical purpose: to share and showcase the rich history of Palm Beach County and the larger context of Florida’s heritage dating back at least 12,000 years.

Our Team

Jeremy W. Johnson, CAE

Jeremy W. Johnson, CAE

President and Chief Executive Officer
jjohnson@hspbc.org | ext. 100

Debi Murray

Debi Murray

Chief Curator
dmurray@hspbc.org | ext. 105

Rose Guerrero

Rose Guerrero

Research Director
rgualtieri@hspbc.org | ext. 112

Sharon Poss

Sharon Poss

Office Administrator
sposs@hspbc.org | ext. 100

Lise Steinhauer

Lise Steinhauer

Membership / Grants / Store
lsteinhauer@hspbc.org | ext. 104

Rhonda Gordon

Rhonda Gordon

Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator
rgordon@hspbc.org | ext. 110

Caroline Frazier

Caroline Frazier

Marketing Coordinator
cfrazier@hspbc.org | ext. 106

Casey Lipschutz​

Casey Lipschutz

Education Coordinator
clipschutz@hspbc.org | ext. 109

Officers 2020-2021

Thomas M. Kirchhoff

Board Chair

Richard S. Johnson Jr.

First Vice Chair

Mark Stevens

Second Vice Chair

Joseph Chase


Thomas Burns, CPA


Jeffrey Alderton

Member at Large

John Archer

Member at Large

Russell P. Kelley

Member at Large

Penny Murphy

Member at Large

Peter Nicoletti

Member at Large

Robert W. Ganger

Member Emeritus

J. Grier Pressly III

Past Chair

Board of Governors

Christian Angle
Hampton Beebe
Margaret Cheryl Burkhardt
Sharon Daley

Graham G. Davidson
George L. Ford III
Mary Freitas
David Goodlett

The Honorable Bradley G. Harper
Lisa McDermott Perez
Stephen Richman
Andrew Sciame

Karen Swanson
Keith Williams
Vernique Williams
Alisha R. Winn, Ph.D.

Board of Advisors

Cressman D. Bronson
Katharine Dickenson
Mark B. Elhilow
George T. Elmore

Mr.and Mrs. William M. B. Fleming Jr.
Dennis Grady
William Graham
Dale R. Hedrick

Pat Seaton Johnson
Gary S. Lesser
The Honorable Karen Marcus
William A. Meyer

Carey O’Donnell
Harvey E. Oyer III
Jorge Pesquera
Sidney A. Stubbs Jr.

Ex-Officio Board Members

Alexandria Ayala, School Board of Palm Beach County Member
Danielle Hickox Moore, Town of Palm Beach Council Member
Mack Bernard, Palm Beach County Commissioner

Board of Benefactors

Thomas Anderson & Marc Schappell
John Archer
Brenda McCampbell Bailey
Margaret Cheryl Burkhardt
Joseph Chase
Susan & Christopher Cowie
Martha DeBrule

Mark B. Elhilow
George T. Elmore
Frances & Jeffrey H. Fisher
Anneli & Robert W. Ganger
Lorrain & Malcolm W. Hall
Melanie & Chris Hill
Pat Seaton Johnson

Russell P. Kelley
Carol & Thomas M. Kirchhoff
Sanda & Jeremiah Lambert
Patricia Lambrecht
Patricia Lester
Sydelle Meyer
Pauline Pitt

J. Grier Pressly III
Deborah & Chuck Royce
Frances G. Scaife
Caroline Sory
Sonja & Mark Stevens
Annette Stubbs

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