At the Museum

An Engaging Field Trip Experience

Our docent-led private tours introduce visitors to the history of Palm Beach County, the architectural elements of the neoclassical, revival-style courthouse, and the elements of government. The tour explores the Museum’s permanent People and Place galleries, the annual special exhibit, and the Historic Courtroom.

Schedule A Private Tour

To schedule a tour for adults or children, contact Rhonda Gordon, Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator, at 561-832-4164 ext. 110. Tours are available during our hours of operation and last about one hour and a half. All tours are FREE. Donations are appreciated.

Rhonda Gordon, Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator

Phone: (561) 832-4164 ext. 110

Historical Society of Palm Beach County
P.O. Box 4364
West Palm Beach, FL 33402-4364

State Standards

The Johnson History Museum is an approved School District of Palm Beach County Field Experience Site, meeting these state standards: 

  • SS.5.C.2.3
  • SS.6.C.2.1
  • SS.7.C.2.1
  • SS.7.C.2.2
  • SS.7.C.2.3
  • SS.7.C.2.4
  • SS.7.C.2.5
  • SS.7.C.2.6
  • SS.7.C.2.7
  • SS.7.C.2.8
  • SS.7.C.2.9
  • SS.7.C.2.10
  • SS.7.C.2.11
  • SS.7.C.2.12
  • SS.7.C.2.13
  • SS.7.C.2.14
  • SS.8.C.1.1
  • SS.8.C.1.1
  • SS.8.C.1.5
  • SS.8.C.1.6
  • SS.912.C.2.1
  • SS.912.C.2.2
  • SS.912.C.2.3
  • SS.912.C.2.4
  • SS.912.C.2.5
  • SS.912.C.2.7
  • SS.912.C.2.8
  • SS.912.C.2.9
  • SS.912.C.2.11
  • SS.912.C.2.13
  • SS.912.C.2.14
  • SS.912.C.2.15

Tour Options

Use the following guides to plan and schedule a tour to the Richard and Pat Johnson History Museum.

Included are a Grade 4 lesson on Florida history and the Barefoot Mailman, and a Grade 7 lesson to prepare for a Mock Trial tour.

Johnson History Museum – Teacher’s Guide

Architectural Tour of 1916 Palm Beach County Courthouse – Teacher’s Guide

This tour is for middle- and high-school students and combines a shortened tour of the galleries with a first-hand civics lesson that challenges students in advocacy, critical thinking, and working through life problems using inquiry-based learning. Participants receive a script ahead of time for a case relevant to their world. This experience is exciting for students as they role-play as trial attorneys, witnesses, clerks, and bailiffs, while gaining a better understanding of law, court procedures, and our criminal and civil justice system. Advance preparation by students is required.
During the summer months, we add fun elements and new information to our Standard Tour to engage children who visit with a summer camp and may have already experienced the Museum during the school year.