Becoming West Palm Beach: Celebrating 125 Years

Becoming West Palm Beach: Celebrating 125 Years

Open through July 2, 2021

“A stretch of the whitest of white sand, two lines of steel rails, a few acres of pineapples, a couple of houses and ‘scrub’ on every side! This was West Palm Beach in September 1894.” -From The Lake Worth Historian, 1896.

The City of West Palm Beach was incorporated in 1894. As a promising metropolitan city, West Palm Beach grew from a small ‘scrub’ town into an alluring city for tourism and residents. To celebrate the 125th anniversary, the Historical Society of Palm Beach County has developed an exhibit in their temporary gallery to highlight many of the triumphs and trials that have made West Palm Beach what it is and continues to become.

Using primary and secondary sources, the exhibit looks at the growth of West Palm Beach as neighborhoods began to develop. West Palm Beach expanded because of the diverse history of the people, businesses, and amusements. This exhibit describes how West Palm Beach grew into a metropolis where people live, work, and play in paradise.

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